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Homeopathy and Anxiety

Brief periods of anxiety are experienced by almost everyone, but some people are more susceptible to be troubled with this problem. If you are constantly afraid of being judged, experience tightness in the chest, feel "out of control," have extreme fears such as flying or heights, engage in ritualistic behaviour or have incessant unwanted thoughts, you may be suffering with the most common mental illness affecting 12% of all Canadians. This sensation of apprehension is experienced (both emotional and physical) and, although the person may be aware of a reason for feeling insecure or worried, the cause is sometimes difficult to identify. Some individuals experience "panic attacks" or "anxiety attacks", which can be very distressing episodes accompanied by breathing problems, palpitations, and intense (but temporary) feelings of both agitation and helplessness. Homeopathic remedies can often help to ease the anxiety and bring a person's system into better balance. If you or a family member suffers from repeated anxiety it is recommended you seek treatment from a trained classical homeopath.

Suggested Remedies:

Aconite: A panic attack that comes on suddenly with very strong fear (even fear of death) may indicate this remedy. Strong palpitations may accompany a state of immense anxiety, shortness of breath, and flushing of the face. This state could be brought on by a strong fright such as a car accident, shock or injury. Very restless and claustrophobic, fear of being in a crowd or a crowded room.

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy can be helpful when anxiety develops before a big event: an exam, an important interview, a public appearance or social engagement. Anticipatory diarrhea may also be experienced before the event. People who need this remedy are often enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses. Such as jumping from a height. They often crave sweets and salt (which usually make their symptoms worse).

Arsenicum album: These people are deeply anxious about their health, and extremely concerned with order and security. Obsessive about small details and very neat, they may feel a desperate need to be in control of everything. Panic attacks occur around midnight or the very early hours of the morning. The person may feel exhausted yet still be restless-fidgeting, pacing, and anxiously moving from place to place. These people may also have digestive problems or asthma attacks accompanied by anxiety.

Gelsemium: Feelings of weakness, trembling, and mental dullness (being "paralyzed by fear") suggest a need for this remedy. It is often helpful when a person has stage-fright about a public performance or interview, or feels anxious before a test, a visit to the dentist, or any stressful event. Chills, perspiration, diarrhea, and headaches will often occur with nervousness. Fear of crowds, a fear of falling, and even a fear that the heart might stop are other indications for this remedy

Ignatia: A sensitive person who is anxious because of grief, loss, disappointment, criticism, loneliness (or any stressful emotional experience) may benefit from this remedy. A defensive attitude, frequent sighing, and mood swings are other indications. The person may burst unexpectedly into either tears or laughter. Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head, and cramping pains in the abdomen or back.

Phosphorus: People who need this remedy are openhearted, imaginative, excitable, easily startled, and full of intense and vivid fears. Thinking of almost anything can trigger strong anxiety. Nervous and sensitive to others, they can overextend themselves with sympathy to the point of feeling exhausted and "spaced out" or even getting ill. They want a lot of company and reassurance, often feeling better from conversation or a back-rub. Easy flushing of the face, palpitations, thirst, and a strong desire for cold, refreshing foods are other indications for Phosphorus.

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