Lorna McFadden DCH

Harmony Homeopathics is owned and operated by Lorna McFadden. She offers personalized homeopathic consultations and remedies and is located in beautiful Langley, BC.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a scientific and complete system of medicine which will assist your body to heal itself naturally, gently and safely. Homeopathy recognizes that all symptoms - emotional, mental and physical - are an expression of disharmony within the person and it is the patient, not just the disease, that requires treatment.

My Pledge to You

I, Lorna McFadden, promise to practice Homeopathy to the best of my ability and give my clients the best healthcare I can provide. With this I give you complete confidentiality and promise to keep myself updated and educated. With this commitment I will provide you the opportunity to restore balance to your health with Homeopathy.

Health Info

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