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Homeopathic Remedies

Remedies are derived and specially prepared from a wide range of sources including plants, animals, minerals and metals. They are not tested on animals and no animals are harmed when making the remedies. They are prescribed in minute doses that maximize their health-enhancing effects and render them safe and non-toxic. They will not interfere with other medications.

Homeopathic remedies cannot cause toxic side effects and you cannot become addicted to them. They are safe for people of all ages. They may also be safely taken during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding. Homeopathic treatment is even available for animals.

As your homeopath I will prescribe to you a remedy which matches your symptoms. This is a lengthy process and takes into account all aspects of your individual symptoms including all physical and emotional characteristics. These remedies work by stimulating your body's own innate healing abilities. The goal of Homeopathic treatment is to assist your body to a level of health so that eventually you will need infrequent treatment.

Here are a few examples of some remedies in a few classic situations. Remember that each remedy has a physical, mental and an emotional component to it. It's not so much the physical symptoms of deciding the appropriate remedy but how the individual is reacting mentally and emotionally to the situation as well as causation.

(Leopards Bane) this is a must have for everyone's medicine chest. It is used specifically for bumps and bruises to soft tissue which are caused by trauma that don't break the skin, resulting in blood leakage in to the tissues. Symptoms are black and blue or purplish-green discoloration under the skin with sore aching "bruised" pain in the part that is injured.
Keynote mind symptoms with those needing Arnica want to be alone and refusing help. When asked if they are ok when they are obviously not, they say they are fine. Seen in situations where there is shock. They want to lie down but feel the bed is too hard.
For overworked, tired, "bruised" type sensations in the body also in the mind. For those who feel they have been "beaten".

(Monkshood) Aconite has been mainly used for acute conditions, which occur from shock and exposure. It is applied to any physical or emotional condition that comes on suddenly and violently. For example, colds, flu's or fevers that in the first stage happen suddenly, with in minutes. Ailments that come on after exposure to a cold dry wind or from a fright or shock. You will see a tremendous amount of anxiety and restlessness also with a fear of death.
We see it used in more chronic psychological conditions such as deep phobic states, panic disorders and anxiety attacks. With the anxiety attacks there an overwhelming fear of death and dying.

(Poison Ivy) Key symptoms for Rhus Tox is stiffness of the joints which is relieved by moving around or taking a hot bath. appropriately named the "rusty gate" remedy. This is indicated for arthritic conditions. Also commonly used to sprains and strains after injury with a lot of stiffness. They are restless and need to constantly move around to find a comfortable position, they move alot not to stiffen up again. They are busy, active, good-humoured people who like to make jokes. They think that they are being poisoned. They find getting cold and wet makes them feel worse, cloudy weather, change of weather or before a thunderstorm worsens their condition as well. They are over all better by warmth. For example if there has been an injury to tendons or muscles and after prolonged inactivity there is a great deal of stiffness and you find it better to move and keep limbered up, then this is the indicated remedy.

(Deadly Nightshade) Remedy indicated for acute situations where the onset of symptoms are quite sudden and with violent pains. Pains are throbbing and worse on the right side. Belladonna used for fevers, migraines, menstrual cramps, colds and flu's. They have a bright red flushed face, very red sore throat, and have a great sensitivity to light, noise, and being jarred. Mentally they can hallucinate very vividly especially during a fever. They have a fear of dogs and desire to strike, bite, and pull hair or to spit. Great children's remedy.

(Chamomile) another great remedy for children who are cross and contrary, especially an infant during teething. They will demand to be carried or rocked. This is your inconsolable child who is irritable, impatient, and restless. They will ask for something, then, when they receive it they will want something else. Very quarrelsome, especially in children. Cannot bear to be touched or examined and doesn't want anyone near him. Extremely fussy individuals who can scream and cry. Hypersensitive patients, restless, good for insomnia.
Ear infections in children especially during teething and the child is inconsolable with the ear pain, they cannot stand to listen to music. Used for colic in infants, in which the child creams and arches his back. Abdominal pain which is made worse by touching. Green diarrhoea, like chopped eggs or spinach. The symptoms are worse at night, worse teething and anger.

(Yellow jasmine) this as the most common medicine for an exhausting flu where the feeling is dizzy, drowsy, droopy and dull. There is muscle aching throughout the entire body with the main complaint being weakness. This weakness is seen on all levels mental, emotional and physical. The mind feels extremely dull and thinking is an effort. There is a timidity about them, cowardice and stage fright, helps with the fear before a performance.
Used in flu season and headaches where there is pressing pain across the forehead and the back of the head. Dizziness as if drunk, and heavy eyelids. Blurred vision with headaches. Dull pains in the back with chills going up and down the spine. With the overall weakness they want to lie down and go to sleep. Better lying down or bending forward.

(Quaker's button) The remedy for the overworked, over stressed, "A" type personality. Obsessed with business and want to be the first and the best, competitive, hard driving. Highly irritable and impatient people, intolerant to contradiction and have a tendency to break things from anger and frustration. PMS irritability. Easily offended and get frustrated by little things. Insomnia due to thoughts of work, wakes at 3 or 4 am and cannot get back to sleep due to thoughts. Heartburn remedy that is made worse by spicy foods. Hangover remedy, hangover from too much alcohol or too high of living, too much spice, or foods that are too rich which they crave and desire. From over use of drugs or alcohol and eating too much. Better from rest.

(Red onion) remedy for allergies, head colds and hay fever where the eyes and nose run like a faucet, as if the person were peeling and onion. There is profuse, bland discharges from the eyes and profuse acrid, burning discharge from the nose with frequent, violent sneezing. Their throat is red, hot, dry and tight. Feeling hoarse and raw. There is a tickling irritating, hacking cough that will not quit. They have a fear that the pain will become intolerable. Being in a warm room makes them feel worse, as well does a cold wind and getting their feet wet. They like the cool open air, which makes them, feel better. They have a desire for raw onions and strong hunger and thirst. They don't like cucumbers.

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