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Where Did Homeopathy Originate?

In 1776, a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann discovered a revolutionary approach to enhancing the immune system, thereby returning his patients to health. He named this system of medicine Homeopathy, from the Greek roots meaning "similar suffering".

Over 200 years earlier Hypocrites, the great philosopher and one of the fathers of medicine, realized that there were many ways to treat illness. The two most popular theories were the way of opposites and the way of Similars.

One example of the differing philosophies would be the treatment for insomnia or having difficulty sleeping. The way of opposites - allopathic medicine or traditional medicine - is to treat this by giving a drug to the patient to induce an artificial sleep. Providing this drug may end up causing other side effects like addiction; however, the root cause of the insomnia remains unadressed. The way of Similars, or homeopathy, is to give the patient a minute dose of a substance such as coffee, which in large doses causes sleeplessness in a healthy person. In a person with insomnia, surprisingly, it allows the patient to finally fall asleep.

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